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5 health benefits of garlic that you should take advantage of


The Garlic It is one of the essential foods in all kitchens and not only for its properties, but also for the good taste it brings to all meals. It is used in the vast majority of elaborations, especially in those of a lifetime, hence it is never lacking in the most traditional kitchens. But garlic not only gives flavor to gastronomic preparations, it is also a food with great nutritional qualities and positive effects on the body that we must take into account.

Do you want to know what are the 5 most important health benefits of garlic that we recommend you take advantage of? Well, do not miss it below.

Health benefits of garlic

Health benefits of garlic

There are many benefits that garlic brings to our health. However, we are going to list 5 of the most important.

Help protect your heart

Taking garlic regularly helps improve blood circulation. Thanks to this food, the diameter of the blood vessels is increased and, therefore, the blood can flow more easily by reducing the pressure. A highly recommended option for people who suffer from poor circulation.

Garlic whets your appetite

Another of the great qualities of garlic is to whet the appetite. It helps to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, which causes an increase in digestive secretions and bile. This means that the digestive tract is stimulated and that, ultimately, it helps to whet the appetite. It is a good option for people who do not usually have a great appetite.

Reduce the cholesterol

A study published in the journal Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed in one of his experiments that garlic was capable of lowering cholesterol levels, in addition to blood pressure. Of course, it will always be advisable to follow the relevant medical controls in case of having both high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Fight the cold

Who has never heard in life that garlic, and onion, is a great ally against colds? A team of scientists at the St. Joseph Family Medicine Residency in Mishawaka, Indiana, has concluded that eating garlic on a regular basis can help reduce the number of colds in adults. This study was not verified with the smallest.

Garlic, an ally of the bones

Garlic is a natural food that can be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or any other type of joint pain. This is due to its high selenium and sulfur content. It will help alleviate the symptoms of these uncomfortable ailments, although it will not eliminate it permanently.

These are some of the natural benefits that garlic offers when consumed regularly. Its presence in gastronomy dates back thousands of years, either raw or cooked as an ingredient in sauces, stir-fries, garnishes or creams. Garlic has been part of the traditional cookbook for centuries.

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