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5 Harvard Tips to Get Smarter


The Harvard University It is one of the known in the world. Each investigation What does the school of USA it always has a lot of diffusion. In this article we are going to echo 5 tips to be more intelligent, something that Harvard University showed in a publication edited in 2014.

We talk about the book Make it stick: the science of successful learning (Translation ‘Make it stay: the science of successful learning’). This work shows interesting recommendations to improve our intelligence when it comes to retaining, memorizing and reusing knowledge.

In addition, in this work, the experts in psychology from Harvard University share the best secrets when it comes to learning, helping knowledge and improving our intelligence.

Take breaks and divide the study

This is a recommendation that must be taken into account in all aspects of life. If we refer to the study, it is best to divide the time and rest every 40 minutes of work.

Take a break, even if it is 5 minutes, it will help us to distract ourselves and prevent the brain from running out. With this, we will be able to avoid fatigue and we will be able to concentrate more. Also, the mind will not perceive the study as something negative.

And this aspect is not only highlighted by Harvard University, but there are thousands of investigations in which it is shown that if we talk about the performance of the study it is better to control the time we dedicate to the study by setting a time limit for each session, with breaks in between.

It is better to divide the study into short and repeated sessions than a single long and tired one, since we have to keep the brain at 100%.

Get enough rest

Other recommendations of the Harvard University is the one that is always included in any lifestyle healthy. It is based on resting enough hours, between 7 or 8 hours.

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This is necessary for our brain to fix new knowledge. Also, this way you can absorb new things the next day. So in addition to taking necessary breaks between studying, getting a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is essential in order to perform.

Flee from linear or literal memorization and create a story

Harvard University experts bet on creating a history when studying. It is about spinning knowledge like a film. This way it will be easier in two ways:

  • Improve our communication skills
  • Memorize easier

For this reason, linear or literal memorization must be abandoned. First of all, we must think about similarities and differences between concepts. We are talking about pieces of information that do not seem to be connected, but we are going to look for connection.

aid to the Reina Letizia study for disability student inclusion

For this, we can make the information our own, relating it and reformulating it at will. We seek to make learning meaningful, which has much more value than that based on memorizing.

Positive attitude, a Harvard reference

From Harvard University they emphasize the importance of the attitude towards the study. If we have a negative attitude, the process is going to be much more difficult. So we have to avoid it.

For this we must bet on positivism, to be able to retain and learn, as this is the first step to achieve the objectives that we propose in the short or long term.

Write by hand from time to time

This is something that is being lost with the use of new technologies, but Harvard University assures that when we write by hand the brain concentrates more on the information we want to learn. This way it is easier to memorize.

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