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5 habits that will help you improve your productivity


Get to improve our productivity it is one of our greatest concerns. We often think that the more hours we are working, the more productive we have been, when this is not entirely true. Finishing work when the sun has already set does not mean that we have had a productive day. Improving productivity has nothing in common with investing many hours, but with creating habits that allow us to work fewer hours and obtain great profitability. But what habits do you have to continue to be productive? How is it possible to incorporate these habits into our daily life?

Here we talk about several essential habits to improve productivity according to the experts. Apply them in your day to day and you will notice the difference. Also, remember that for an action to become a habit it takes a minimum of 21 days.

Define your goals, one of the most recommended habits

define productivity goals
List of objectives

Defining your short, medium and long term goals will help you focus on what really matters to you. This practice is perhaps the most used by the most productive people. But how to define the objectives?

  • Short-term objectives: here you will have to write down the objectives you want to achieve in that same week and even on the same day.
  • Medium-term objectives: the medium-term objectives are those that you propose from this moment to within a few months. It can be four months, six months, and even ten months.
  • Long-term goals: These goals are often the hardest to achieve. They are normally reviewed every two years, at least, but the time frame will depend on you.

Shift your clutter in order to improve your productivity

messy habits
Messy table

The first habit you must acquire is that of order. A messy and chaotic person is almost never successful. According to Ramón Cabezas, the president of the business consultancy specialized in Process Efficiency and Digitization KAPS, “order begins with the physical, with our desk, with the immediate environment.” So if you have your table messy, your room messy or your kitchen without any kind of order, the time has come to change it to create habits that increase productivity.

Stick to a plan, don’t improvise

improvise productivity
People having an unexpected meeting

Improvising is not highly recommended when you want to be productive. Allowing unforeseen events to accumulate can ruin your day and even your week by interfering with your scheduled goals.

“The great enemy of planning is falling into the trap of saying yes to anyone’s requests,” says Ramón Cabezas. “We went from being focused on our plan to being dispersed in the plans of others.”

Rest and add the ‘niksen’ in your habits

niksen habit
Woman resting

Although it may seem contradictory, to improve productivity it is essential to have the habit of doing nothing. The ‘niksen’, which is the Norwegian term for ‘doing nothing’, is completely necessary so as not to immediately use up all your resources and run out of strength.

The fact of not having the strength to continue with the project will trigger a progressive loss of productivity, so resting has to be on the list of priority habits.

Identify your productive hours

productive hours habits
Better productivity hours

We don’t all have the same productive hours. That is why it is so important that you find out what time of day you are most productive. Take advantage of those hours to do the most complex tasks that require maximum concentration.

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