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5 foods that will help you have a flat abdomen


There are many physical exercises on the internet that promise to make you mark the abdominal area with perseverance and dedication. But in addition to doing those that focus specifically on this part of the body, you can also do others that, although they focus the movement in another area, also serve for the abdomen. On the other hand, you can also incorporate your diet products that help you reduce the volume of your belly.

With the arrival of summer, we all want to show off an enviable body, or at least not have the feeling that we have abdominal bloating. Therefore, it is very important that we eat in a balanced and healthy way. In this way, we will be able to burn fat faster and more effectively. In addition, it will also help us feel lighter to better withstand high temperatures.

exist certain foods that can help you avoid this annoying sensation that appears in the abdomen area. Next, we are going to show you 5 ideal products to incorporate into your diet if you really want to have a flat and strong stomach with the arrival of summer. In addition, they are also very satiating so you will avoid snacking between meals with more sugars and fats.

Foods that will help you have a flat abdomen

Aerobic exercises are essential to reduce the abdomen as soon as possible. Thus, an activity as basic as running allows you to burn a large number of calories and reduce abdominal bloating. But we can also include in our diet foods that prevent the accumulation of gases and other conditions that cause us this annoying problem.

Pineapple and papaya

Pineapple and papaya contain enzymes that help improve digestive processes, which is why they are ideal to prevent swelling of the abdomen in summer. In addition, they help eliminate fluid retention as they have diuretic properties.

Pineapple fruit vitamin C

Cooked vegetables

Vegetables are also a good food supplement to your daily diet. Of course, you should eat them better cooked than raw. Since the latter can create gas and inflammation in your belly. It is best to eat vegetable creams and juices to keep vitamins and minerals intact.


Ginger is one of the most beneficial foods for our body, in whatever way we want to eat it. And it is that to help have a flat abdomen, ginger is ideal since it has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.


Avoid sweeteners and added sugars

Processed products always contain artificial sweeteners that we must avoid if we want to keep the abdomen strong and flat. So it is best that you opt for breakfasts and snacks that contain real and healthy ingredients.

Types of exercises to keep the abdomen flat

The iron is not only useful for toning the abdomen, but they are also very effective in increasing the volume of the buttocks, legs, chest and arms.

Plank on forearms with movement

From the starting position, this being a table with the elbows at the width of the shoulders. Rest your forearms on the ground, and move your body back and forth with your feet. Contract your legs and abdomen and avoid lifting the chain beyond the straight line that your body has formed.

Star side plank

From the starting position, support your body on your forearm and your feet on top of each other. If you’re still not used to planking regularly, put one foot in front and one in back for stability. Bring your leg up to further work the side of your legs.

Front plank with leg lift

The position of this type of plank is the same as in the normal plank, with the difference that to perform this exercise you must raise one leg and then the other. Alternating one and the other, without forgetting to contract the abdomen with each movement.

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