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5 foods that will help you eliminate dandruff


When we talk about problems associated with scalp, the dandruff It is one of those that causes the most shame in people who have it. But don’t worry, if you have dandruff we can fight against it with these changes in search of our well-being.

To stop dandruff we will have to take into account the symptoms of this condition or disease. There are many inventions, such as anti-dandruff shampoos or creams.

Experts also point to diet as a way to strengthen our metabolism in order to fight against this problem of our hair.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that is caused by an increase in dead cells on the skin of the scalp. It is not serious, nor is it contagious, but it is difficult to treat. There are cases where a single shampoo, mild or medicated, can work to put an end to this problem.

Dandruff is considered by many to be a kind of seborrheic dermatitis, even if it is somewhat milder. One of the problems that causes it to multiply is when we do not find a solution and we get stressed. Stress increases your generation and aggravates the situation.

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The main cause of dandruff is a fungus found on the scalp, known as malassezia globosa. This fungus feeds on the fat, or sebum, that we generate and is activated when its production is accelerated.

5 foods that will help you eliminate dandruff

In addition to anti-dandruff shampoos or creams, nutrition specialists assure that there are a number of foods that serve to strengthen the metabolism and help reduce dandruff.

Next we are going to expose five foods that will help us eliminate dandruff from our scalp.


This food has a high concentration of allicin, which is a natural antifungal compound that helps get rid of dandruff from our scalp.

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There are two options when using garlic against dandruff:

  1. Introduce it into our diet.
  2. Apply to the scalp as a treatment.


Avocado is another food that will nourish our hair and therefore help to end dandruff. Its properties include being a great antioxidant and being rich in fatty acids.

eat avocado fasting

Like garlic, you have two options to use it to fight dandruff:

  1. Consume it in our diet.
  2. Apply it directly as a mask on your hair for 30 minutes.


It is a nutrient that helps reduce dandruff as it has toning, antibacterial and detoxifying properties.


Experts point out that ginger is a food that your tooth cannot miss to fight dandruff as it also has natural antiseptic properties.


Chickpeas have vitamin B6 and zinc in their properties, which are essential to reduce dandruff on the scalp.


The fifth and last food that will help us reduce dandruff is banana. This food will regenerate the nutrients your hair needs.


Therefore, most experts recommend including this fruit in your diet. Another method of use is to make a mask with ripe bananas and apply it for 20 minutes.

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